Stars In Their Eyes

Stars In Their Eyes

This event has not been held in very recent times, but may be held again in future

Stars in Their Eyes is a phenomenally successful local event, held each year in the Scalloway Public Hall.  The format of the event is based on the popular TV series, in which amateur performers emulate the appearance and performance of their chosen star. Thes performances have ranged from the incredible talented to the superbly ridiculous, as local singers become stars in their own right for the night.

The performances take place either as solo acts, duets or ensembles, usually to suitable backing music and on occasion with the use of props for effect. The “Stars’ are made up and attired as close as possible in appearance to their subject, sometimes to great intended comic effect, although many of the acts a serious and worthy of the utmost praise. Performers come from all ages and backgrounds and present a wide range of music and comedy  to appeal to all ages of audience, with acts as wide ranging as songs from the ’50s to recent chart hits.

The show is compered by Leslie Watt and as each act nears readiness to take the stage he interviews them adorned in the now notorious ‘Magic Cloak” to conceal the identity of their chosen subject until they take the stage to perform. Magic cloak interviews are usually swathed in humour and the cloak is said to imbue  the pefformer with its performance boosting powers prior to the acts beginning, with some “overdosing on the Magic Cloak”, when exceptionally exuberant perfomances take place.

For the first years of its existance the Stars in Their Eyes performances took place on one evening, but from 2009 it was split into two evenings due to demand for tickets, as the event sells out very quickly.

Funds raised from the event are donated toward local causes, often being split to assist several community groups, the school, or to improve local amenities.

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