Scalloway Community Council

Scalloway Community Council

The Scalloway Community Council meets on the third Monday of each month in the meeting room of the Scalloway Public Hall.

Scalloway Public Hall
Scalloway Public Hall, meeting place of the Scalloway Community Council

Current membership:

Chair – John Hunter

Vice Chair – Kenny Pottinger

Members – Andrew Blackadder, Mark Burgess, Louise Davis, Lindsay Laurenson, John MacKenzie, Liz Walter.

The Community Council Clerk is Joy Ramsay and correspondence should be directed to Ms Ramsay

Ms Joy Ramsay,
Scalloway Community Council Clerk,
South Collafirth
Shetland ,
ZE2 9RX.
Via Email

ReCreate Scalloway

Scalloway Community Council, with support from the SIC, led a community consultation called ReCreate Scalloway to identify areas for change or growth in the village. The final documents can be found here: (Click to download)

Spatial Vision and Action Plan

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