Healthy Scalloway

Healthy Scalloway

What can you do to keep healthy in Scalloway? There are wide range of facilities, businesses and opportunities to keep, or get, healthy in Scalloway. Whether you want to join a gym, play organised sports or just have a check-up or enjoy some pampering. It is all here for the taking.

Health & Wellbeing

Scalloway Health Centre – GP Doctors’ practice, nurses and practitioners. Appointments 01595 880219; Repeat Prescriptions 01595 880690

Scalloway Swimming Pool – Shetland Recreational Trust run public swimming pool. Steam room, spa pool and toddler pool. General public sessions and specific sessions as per timetable. 01595 807716

Shetland Weight Training Club – Club run gym, memberships for entry. Weight training, MMA and aerobic gym equipment. 07795 356440

Fraser Park – Football pitch, multi-court, playpark. Owned and managed by Fraser Park Trust

Games Hall – School games hall, available for sports activities out of school hours. Bookings through Scalloway Swimming Pool\

Yasp Physiotherapy – Trained and qualified physiotherapists in various disciplines. Group sessions. Acupuncture. 01595 747074

CLOSED – Willow Wellbeing – Beauty treatments, massage therapies, holistic therapy. (Shared entrance with Harbour Knitwear) 07867128383

Asta Golf Club – Nine hole privately owned golf course. Visitors welcome. 07936832971

Related Services

Sharp Image – Hairdresser and beauty treatments 01598 880400

Shearing Shed – Hairdresser and barber shop 01595 880483

Community Defibrillators – Automated life-saving devices. Available at all times for emergency use. There are two located in the village, as shown on the map, and another at the East Voe Marina