Young Scalloway

Young Scalloway

What is there for young people in Scalloway?
There’s a wide range of amenities, groups and opportunities and most young people can find something to suit their interests. Scalloway is stimulating environment that is safe, friendly and free. The location offers beaches and hills to run free and explore as well as all the venues and amenities below and if village life gets boring, it is only 7 miles to the centre of Lerwick and a cheap and regular bus service to get you there.

Scalloway Primary School – (Includes nursery and pre-school) 01595 743777

Scalloway Youth Centre01595 880770

Home to a range of groups and activities, including:

  • Scalloway Youth Café
  • Scalloway Youth Club
  • Peerie Club
  • Brownies & Rainbows

Scalloway School Games Hall – High quality multi-use sports venue, used by various sporting groups 01595 744006

Fraser Park – Playing field and multi-court

Play Park – Four local authority play parks at:

  • Port Arthur
  • Sycamore Avenue
  • Fraser Park
  • Blydoit

Scalloway Swimming Pool  – High quality swimming pool with toddler friendly pool and spa pool. Child-friendly sessions are part of regular timetable. During holidays there are special sessions with large inflatable adventure runs 01595 807716

Scalloway Museum – Dedicated children’s section in the Scalloway Museum 01595 880734

NAFC Marine Centre – (University of the Highlands and Islands) Centre’s library has a children and young people’s book section 01595 772000

Hame Fae Hame – Privately owned and run child care facility 01595 881146

Scalloway Public Hall – Available for hires, parties, events and concerts. 07900 818028

Playbox – Various toys, balls, bats and game equipment. Freely available to use by the community. Situated at northwest of Fraser Park. Available throughout summer. Provided by Scalloway Youth Centre