Dine Scalloway

Where is there to eat in Scalloway? Or maybe you just need a snack. Scalloway has an excellent range of dining outlets to suit every budget, taste and requirement – from fine dining to pre-packed sandwiches.

Restaurants and Cafés

Cornerstone Cafe – CafĂ© and venue 01595 880346

Da Haaf –  CafĂ©/Restaurant.(Located in the NAFC Marine Centre) 01595 772480

Hai Yang – Chinese Takeaway 01595 880270

Kiln Cafe – CafĂ©, annex to Kiln Bar 01595 880830

Scalloway Hotel – Dining and Bar lunch/supper 01595 880444

Other Food/Beverage Vendors

The Checkout – Pre-made sandwiches and snacks from grocery store 01595 880776

Scalloway Meat Company – Pre-made sandwiches and snacks. Hot drinks dispenser. 01595 880624

Scalloway Museum – Hot drinks dispenser. Snacks. CafĂ© area in museum 01595 880734

Check out the map for locations

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